Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Just Blogged to Say I Love You (Vol. 3)

Here we are...November.  I hear there's some sort of election thing going down on Tuesday.

1. In keeping with election week, I'm about to go all political on you.  Ben Franklin.  I like him.  Judging from this, I'd say he'd have been one awesome blogger.

2. My friend Rebecca from Foodie with Family made a Chocolate Nutter Butter cake.  Tell me you won't be dreaming about that tonight.

3. Speaking of Rebecca, she also introduced me to a little website called SnorgTees.  I think we all need this shirt.  Pluto Forever!!!

4. Have you started your fall comfort baking, yet?  I think these Applesauce Bars from Kristan are the epitome of fall comfort food.  Plus...Carmel Cinnamon frosting!  Make them...feel free to ship them to me.

5. Pumpkin Gruyere Gougeres.  I have always, always wanted to make gougeres.  I'm not sure what the heck has been stopping me, but these beauties from Heidi have just pushed me over the edge from wanting to make them to GOING to make them!

6. YOU! That's right...I love you.  About two weeks ago, there was a little book signing in my town.  And people came!!!  Seriously!  And not just any people...the *nicest* people EVER...with the cutest and most polite kiddos EVER.  You guys made the day so incredibly fun...I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed meeting of you.  My sweet sister who flew in for the sweet friends who stopped by...I love you guys, too. Y'all ROCK!  Thank YOU!!!
{{PS...if you're one of the ones who stopped by after the book sold out, the next shipment should be to H&H soon!}}

Let's hear it.  What's on your "love list" with week?


  1. Have you read "fart proudly"? It's why I like old Ben

  2. I love the planet shirt. I feel sorry for Pluto.

  3. I love that planet shirt! Kids nowadays will think we are talking about Mickey's dog when we speak of Pluto.

  4. I'm loving that Nutter Butter cake. I am going to make it soon! (: Congratulations on your book signing. I dream of the day I can do that.

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  6. Victoria (eating a cookie with Papa in your montage) turns THREE YEARS OLD tomorrow!!! I can't believe it. So...that's the big thing on my love list for the sweet oldest daughter. Her party is next weekend. She lives the Moon, so I'm going to attempt to make Moon cookies. I plan to flood them with two shades of grey and then make craters in partially dried flood icing. Then I'll embellish with feminine eyes and mouth and pink fondant bows. Yeah, I guess that's crazy for a 3 year old, but I've been planning this since last year. I'll take pics and share if they turn out well! And if you say, it's just a cookie. 3 year olds and adults will still eat them. :-D

    It was so much fun to meet you. We enjoyed the store, too! Then we walked down by the river and Victoria had a BLAST playing in the splash pad. We hit Red Robin (another of my favs from Seattle area) for a late lunch before driving back to Clear Lake. It was such a fun day. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

    -Kirsten Thompson

  7. Such a HAPPY post Bridget ~ granted you always make me smile :) XO

  8. Bridget!!!

    I just love you. Thank you so much for including me :)

    And now I need that shirt. NEEEEED.

  9. The book signing looks like tons of fun!!!
    I am heading straight over to check out those Pumpkin Gruyere Gougeres!

  10. Oh my - I'm embarrassed but am really secretly thrilled that you included my picture on your post! ;) I'm so glad I got to be at the signing and have already used two of your ideas out of your book (the spiderwebs and the cats). Can't wait to use more of them.

  11. Oh, my little 6 year old Jack wants to be an astronaut so he can be the first person to visit Pluto. I haven't had the heart to break it to him that Pluto was demoted. Love the shirt.....Pluto rocks!

  12. I love the tee-shirt and your blog! Thanks for all of the great posts.

  13. I so wish I lived closer so I could have been at your book signing! Love all the photos from your big day!

  14. Your book signing looks so fun! It would be such a treat to meet you someday:)

  15. Oh, how did I miss this post? Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bridget. I wish I could come to those book signings and bring one of the cakes with me. Much love and muchas smooches!

  16. Love seeing you in these photos, girl.

  17. how did I skip this post? Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bridget. I wish I could come to those guide signings and carry one of the desserts with me. Much really like and muchas smooches
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